The 2016 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics will be held in Barcelona on October 27th-28th, 2016 in “Sala de Graus Ernest Lluch”, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona.

Thursday, October 27th 2016

9:15 Welcome and Opening: Elisenda Paluzie (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business). Chair: Rosina Moreno (AQR-IREA)
9:30 1st Contributed session: Specialization and colocation in innovation activities. Chair: Enrique López-Bazo (AQR-IREA)
  Dieter F. Kogler (UC Dublin), Jürgen Essletzbichler (Viena), David L. Rigby (UCLA); The Evolution of Specialization in the EU15 Knowledge Space
  Christian Fons-Rosen (UPF), Vincenzo Scrutinio (LSE), Katalin Szemeredi (LSE); Colocation and Knowledge Diffusion: Evidence from Million Dollar Plants
  Pierre-Alexandre Balland (Utrecht), David Rigby (UCLA), Sergio Petralia (Utrecht), Mathieu Steijn (Utrecht); The geography of innovation in the United States: 1836-2010
11:15 Coffee break
11:45 Keynote Lecture: Maryann Feldman (Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina): Cities, Regions and Policy
13:15 Lunch
14:15 2nd Contributed session: Innovation networks. Chair: Lorena D’Agostino (AQR-IREA)
  Laurent Bergé (Luxembourg), Nicolas Carayol (GREThA-Bordeaux), Pascale Roux (GREThA-Bordeaux); How do inventors networks affect urban invention?
  Tom Broekel (Leibniz U. Hannover), Marcel Bednarz (Leibniz U. Hannover); The impact of subsidized R&D networks on inter-regional knowledge diffusion
  Alexander Jaax (LSE), Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE); Multinational Enterprises and the Geography of Patenting in Latin America: Evidence from Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 3rd Contributed session: Human capital mobility & diffusion of knowledge. Chair: Ernest Miguélez (CNRS, GREThA- Bordeaux and AQR-IREA)
  Christian Catalini (MIT), Christian Fons-Rosen (UPF), Patrick Gaulé (CERGE-EI); Did Cheaper Flights Change the Direction of Science?
  Anna D’Ambrosio (Torino), Sandro Montresor (Unikore), Mario Davide Parrilli (Bournemouth), Francesco Quatraro (Torino); Migrations, Communities-on-the-move and their Impact on Knowledge Flows
  Paolo Zacchia (IMT Lucca); Benefiting Colleagues but not the City: Localized Spillovers from the Relocation of Superstar Inventors

Friday, October 28th 2016

09:30 Keynote Lecture: Karen Maguire (Regional Innovation Unit, OECD Regional Development Policy Division): Regional disparities, innovation and productivity
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Round Table. Chair: Rosina Moreno (AQR-IREA)
  Fernando Hervás. Territorial Development Unit, Joint Research Center, European Commission
   Mònica Duran. Enterprise Europe Network coordinator, Innovation Dept. ACCIO. Generalitat de Catalunya
  Jordi Gríful. Innovation Group, Industry Commission, Chambre of Commerce of Barcelona
13:15 Closing Act and Informal Lunch

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